Sydney Rebels Junior Regional Train On Squads

Rebels are pleased to announce the following players to trial for our final teams

Thank you to all our players and congratulations to the players listed

Your coaches will be in touch with information on your next training time and venue

All other teams will be posted as they announced


12 Boys

Jai El Bahou Bankstown, Jordi Elkin Bankstown, Eathan Lafolua Bankstown, William Mansour Bankstown, Alex SOLOMON Bankstown, Marshall Barlow Cronulla, Charlie Bateup Cronulla, Harper Boothroyd Cronulla, Nash Caine Cronulla, Cooper Compton-Perry Cronulla, Koa Cooper Cronulla, Zaiden Green Cronulla, Kaden Mangioni Cronulla, Cooper Shephard Cronulla, Aidan Endemann Easts, Hussein Ibrahim Easts, Dylan Kennedy Easts, William Scerri Easts, Ryan Rayburn UNSW

12 Girls 

Ocean Bradly Cronulla, Matilda Kane Cronulla, Ashleigh L’estrange Cronulla, Willow Thomson  Cronulla, Keira Toohey Cronulla, Scarlett Turner Cronulla, Tahli Weigand Cronulla, Emily Henville Easts, Siara McCreery Easts, Kiana Mitchell Easts, Piper Savins Easts, Ava Reid Bankstown, Marley Sialeipata Bankstown, Gabriella Fernandes Souths, Charli Reisenleiter Souths, Jessie Stairmand  Souths, Shah Wakely Souths, Bethany Wilson Souths

14 Girls

Serena Giang Bankstown, Imogen Berghan Bankstown, Mia Dodd Bankstown, Bailey Ma-Chong   Bankstown, Sharon Latapu Bankstown, Breelle Bailey Cronulla, Leah Crook Cronulla, Summer Anderson Cronulla, Maisy Docherty Cronulla, Molly Weppler Cronulla, Emily Stewart Cronulla, Milla  Caine Cronulla, Chloe Shephard Cronulla, Sophie St John Easts, Eden Reweti Easts, Sahara Ibrahim Easts, Violet Munro Easts, Heather Bouris Easts, Jessica Henville Easts

14 Boys

Javeess Lafolua Bankstown, Angel Reid Bankstown, Johnathan Mansour Bankstown, Kadyn Thomson Cronulla, Elijah Cooper Cronulla, Taurus Traino Cronulla, Oliver Lester Cronulla, Eugene Samson Cronulla, Logan Toohey Cronulla, Lochlin Moses Cronulla, Thomas Dellow Cronulla, Matthew Milloy Easts, Riley Donohoe Easts, Jackson Guyer St George, Kye Duck St George, Zeedan Wilson St George, Kayden Drollett Souths, Daniel Simmons Souths

16 Boys

Sonny Edwards Moeke Bankstown, Brady Lauretti Bankstown, Zaidas Muagututia Bankstown, Ryan O’Connor Bankstown, Mark Williams Bankstown, Jesse Williams Bankstown, Kye Truman Bankstown, Archie Rose Cronulla, Blake Wardrobe Cronulla, Zane Walker Cronulla, Taj Weaver Cronulla, Ryan Wotton Cronulla, Jeremy Hall Cronulla, Jack Stewart Cronulla, Jai Davies Cronulla, Cooper Kennedy Easts, Brody Duck St George, Noah Hagiwara St George, Stephen MItchell Souths, Luca Castelli Souths

16 Girls

Jade Tattam Cronulla, Kira Hensley Cronulla, Olivia Herman Cronulla, Reese Caine Cronulla, Tahli  Bailey Cronulla, Tess Robinson Cronulla, Aaliyah Ibrahim Easts, Ava Kuehn Easts, Ava Munro Easts, Elise Parsonage Easts, Jessica MacRae Easts, Kirra McCarthy Easts, Lucie Norburn Easts, Sophie Davis  Easts,  Talia Shapiro Easts, Taliah Strang Easts, Taliah Vajdevski St George, Claudia Bowen Syd Uni, Hannah MacLennan-Pike Syd Uni


18 Girls

Keelie Wilson Bankstown, Taylor Beardsley Cronulla, Caitlin Gillespie Cronulla, Emily Laverance  Cronulla, Charly Lloyd Cronulla, Oliva Alvarez Easts, Lani Bresanhan Easts, Sacha Parr Easts, Bianca Sachr Easts, Chloe Smith Easts, Ruby Thomasya Easts, Jade Tran Easts, Allegra Coppleson Souths, Chloe Kennard Souths, Zoe Mchutchison Souths, Emma Harris St George, Giselle Kwong St George, Aleshia Wright St George, Pia Jackson Sydney University, Samava Woods St George