Technical Director Position Description



 1)           High qualifications in at least two technical areas eg. Fulfil the criteria of a Directors Position.

 2)           Ability to write and edit technical documents.

 3)           Ability to provide leadership with technical policy and with technical Panels

 4)           Ability to work positively with Directors and Panels

 5)           Ability to receive and disseminate information

 6)           High degree of knowledge in the area of Equity issues in sport

 7)           Must possess a working knowledge of Equity requirements in Touch.



 1)           Develop, review and monitor policy

 2)           Supervise and co-ordinate the technical panel via regular meetings

 3)           Provide leadership and direction to the technical arms of the sport

 4)           Receive and disseminate information promptly

 5)           Monitor Directors Development, research and budgetary plans

 6)           Co-ordinate budgeting of arms

 7)           Co-ordinate development grants

 8)           Chair meetings of the Regional Technical Panel

 9)           Monitor of Accreditation course programs

 10)        Develop policy across all arms of the sport

 11)        Liaise with all arms

 12)        Monitor performance of Regional Directors and their Panels

 13)        Represent Technical Panel at General Committee and Executive Committee Meeting.